To je příliš, dva mlynáři na jednom mlýně.
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Welcome to the website that maps water-powered flour mills in the Czech Republic

The project started on May 22, 2012 with a long-term goal of detailed mapping of all water-powered flour mills in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Any visitor can add a water mill still missing in the database. The main output is: “Interactive map”, “water mills database” and finally “picture database”. For all these mentioned it is possible to search and filter in the database based on many criteria – especially by the mill name, name of the watercourse, site, by the state of preserved technology, various architectural details, or based on the type of preserved technological equipment. In the picture database you can filter historical maps and photographs, architectural details in the exterior and interior, parts of the works and photographs of the technological equipment.

While working with the website, please try to use “” service. Any e-mail correspondence ( should be written in English or German. As the author of this – for the time being – unique website, I offer you my cooperation in case you would like to create a similar site for your home country. Although I know “the Mill GPS Database”, I rather wanted to create website that examines architecture of mills in detail, as well as their history and technology. Above all, I wanted a website where you can put rich photographic documentation of the current condition of the buildings, technology and other iconographic material.